Parents always want their kids to obey commands and take up task, it’s okay, every body want to have useful and obedient kids around but the manner at which this task and command is disposed is very important.

When children do task because they had no choice it may lead to feelings of resentment and rebellion.

Our kids may recognise that God has given us parental authority over them and they’re bound by the fourth commandment (“You shall Honour your Father and Mother”) most of them honour this authority when they were very young, they intuitively sense this authority.

But as they enter into adolescence they might begin to question parental authority, at this stage the use of command and hostility may not produce any positive result without drama especially if your authority was not established early.

The only way to navigate through this is to Love, I mean Love, establish and use your authority as parents well mostly if it was lost by negligence due to abuse of power because of too much hostility, ofcourse that’s a red flag😚.

Understand and respect the limit of your authority, the use of authority in parenting should be done in love, you can Love, teach and show them into obedience.

This kids understands they can completely submit if they admire and feel it, your authority as a parent will be recognized there’ll be no need for Commands and unnecessary drama.